Terlato Family Vineyards Syrah (6)

Terlato Family Vineyards Dry Creek Valley Syrah Mixed 6-Pack
$99.99 (Normally $263.00) 62% off List Price
2006 Terlato Vineyards Syrah, Dry Creek Valley
2004 Terlato Vineyards Syrah, Dry Creek Valley
2007 Terlato Vineyards Block 9 Syrah, Dry Creek
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SoCal #23 is too busy drinking port and 1985 GunBun to buy this woot at the moment. Maybe in the morning.

Hello all. Sorry not to have signed in at the bell and now here to answer any questins you may have. This is a great offering of some of my favorite Syrah’s. and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.

How was the 85 GunBun? I haven’t opened a bottle of GB in a long time. I’ve known Jeff B for many years. Great guy - wonderful wines.

Anticipating that the wine Wooters might want to know how many cases of these wines we made, here you go;

2006 vintage; 2250 cases produced
2004 vintage; 492 cases produced and
Block 9; 451 Cases produced.

John Terlato

How much cellar time left on the 2004? Looks like a drink now!

Any reason the 2005 wasn’t included in this offer? Would have made for a nice vertical. Looks like you kept that vintage and gave WW the others since none of the others are currently on your winery website or in your cellar.

Edit - Looks like the 2006 has a short drinking window as well. Any comment on this?

Thanks for jumping on board! I enjoy dark, full-bodied syrahs with tar and/or smokey notes. Are any of these made in that style?

This was a tough call - we wanted to offer 6 bottles and it was either a vertical of 3 vintages or 2 vintages and the Block 9. In he end, the inclusion of block 9 won out, which btw, is one of my favorite vineyard blocks.

I think the 04 is drinking nicely now and I think the 06 has more runway left.

I’m in for one

This wine is definitely full bodied and does have some smokey notes. One reviewer described as having “notes of blackberry, herbs, spiciness and a slight note of smoky oak…”. Ripe - but not over ripe - small black fruit, balanced acidity with a wonderful long finish showing concentrated dark fruit.

When we crafted this wine, we were referencing the great wines of the Rhone, and the goal was to weave together and integrate the flavors and complexities that make for great syrah… For me, the art of winemaking involves crafting wines that are powerful and elegant, intense yet subtle all at the same time…giving the wine drinker the whole package.

As a result, this wine is not the “aggressive tanin” version that has appeared on the scene in California of late and this was by design. Hope this helps.

Thank you. That is awesome. Enjoy in good health.

John, thanks very much for joining the boards today.

Terlato is a fantastic addition to wine.woot. Great wines, great success and reputation in this wine industry.

and a reminder, all orders will be delivered in plenty of time for Christmas.

Yes it does! Another question: do you have a tasting room in DCV? If so, where? Were the grapes for all three offered today sourced from the same vineyard? Where in Dry creek? I am a huge fan of Dry Creek Valley, particularly the big, bold Zins and frequent thea area (rochioli, wilson, bella, bradford mountain/c donatello, dutcher crossing…u get the idea) and curious about both questions above. Thanks!

Thanks! In for one.

Any shot at making the 2005 available to the wooters who wooted on this deal for special pricing to complete the vertical?

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Your lack of whining is unacceptable. Try harder next time.

This offer in incredibly enticing but as whet typically happens I have already loaded up and am in working the cellar down mode before I buy more.

For those that follow points

SH from WA gave the 2006 an 86

My pleasure. I always enjoy sharing our wines and the thinking behind them.


nothing to whine about today…however try leaving my state out of the ship to map and you’ll hear some world class wine whining