The Night Shift

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Help promote this shirt! For those with overnight delivery, let the rest of the universe.woot know how wonderful this on an actual shirt! Click here and post a picture!

this is a cute one!

Can’t wait to wear this to work some night, rglee. The other ‘nightwalkers’ with me will surely get a laugh!

Congratulations, Robbie! It’s been long overdue!

Congrats RG on a great design. Got one ;-).

another “cute” design, cmon wooters, grow a pair
really wanted to see that 52 card pickup shirt

Yay! Snagged me one!!

Congrats on the print!

Congrats, Robbie!!

YAY ROBBIE!!! Grats on the print!!

Ha! I read that as zombies.

Congrats! I liked this shirt back when it was up for voting the first time. :slight_smile:

Right on!!! First time being the First Wooter!!! Woohoo!

Around 3 AM, it is one and the same sometimes!

Cute shirt, might get one.

In for one, love the design!

really love this shirt. the artwork, concept, and placement all really get me. just contemplating if i can spare the extra 10 bucks and a spot in my drawer for it…pesky shirts are really starting to pile up!

Congrats Robbie! Liked it the first time it was up and glad to see it finally print :slight_smile: In for one!

Best of the fog. go go sellout?

Yeah, finally got it. I’m sitting here at work on 3rd shift right now.

So glad this was printed, I was stunned when it didn’t make it the last time.