Vino Noceto Sangiovese Two - Pack Plus Two Random

Vino Noceto Sangiovese Two - Pack Plus Two Random
$54.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 1 Vino Noceto Sangiovese Four - Pack

Everyone gets these 2 bottles:
2006 Riserva Sangiovese
2007 Noceto Sangiovese

And 2 of these 4:
2006 Hillside Sangiovese
2006 Marmellata Sangiovese
2006 Misto Sangiovese
2006 Reward Ranch Sangiovese

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Which bottles are in the 4 pack??

edit: which 2 does everyone get? I see it’s 2 random + which 2?

If this was a random bag of wine, I would be in for three.

I’ve been waiting on Noceto to reappear!!
I had some bad luck with an overly hot summer last time and am thrilled for a shipment now before it heats up too much in Texas.

This stuff is wonderful, IMHO.

So… rapid shipment, right?

Wow, Woot is really determined to drive me into bankruptcy this week.

Hopefully I’ll have the self-discipline to resist going this far, but if we go in for two, will we get one of each premium wine, or will they all still be at random?

Any reason Connecticut isn’t shipped to despite Noceto itself shipping to Connecticut?

errrgh–too much wine consumed tonight–I saw the pic with 6 bottles and thought it was 6 for $60, which would have been an automatic woot, but then i reread it. now i have to think about it.

Each pack has a bottle of the '06 Riserva Sangiovese and a bottle of the '07 Sangiovese, and two of the four others.

I love when woot reserves the right to choose exactly what comes in our shipment. It’s like they’re the woot lords or something. Also, it leaves me with a sense of anticipation. This anticipation is what drives many of my woot purchases.

Sorry for gettin all deep on a wine blog. I just assumed you deserved to hear my thoughts.

Wow… the 2006 Misto Sangiovese has 15.5% ABV !!! And I thought that only Zinfandels can reach high octane levels

This is something totally in the control of the mighty woot lords. Wait patiently for a response from them….

I too am interested in the answer to this question.

I know that in the past if I ordered multiples of a random assortment on the juvie woot, I ended up getting exactly the same assortment multiple times, rather than a different random assortment. I really would like to try all six…

Can we cellar these babies or should we drink them all now? :wink:


If I need to drink them now i’m in!

Loved the previous Noceto woots. In for a case!

I have fond memories of Vino Noceto…

Vino Noceto was my third wine.woot (the first two were the humbug and the wine filled truffles). In that case the people packing the boxes saw the similar labels and ended up not packing the right wines in some boxes, including mine. Woot, to it’s credit, made it right, and I’ve been here ever since.

Now, for this offer, they could make a lot of mistakes, and we’ll never know. Bring it on!

Me three!!

Echo your thoughts… would love to try all six rather than a repeated or part repeated of the random assortment.

I’m ordering a full case just for the chance to get all 4. Love Noceto. My first wine.woot in August 06.
I’m sure we will all be trading with each other to complete our sets :}

If I order 3, am I guaranteed to get one of each of the 4 randoms?