Vivitar 8.1MP Compact Digital Camera with 2.5" LCD

[imgleft][/imgleft] Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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sweet 8.1 mp!

and the price is right, too bad it’s 3x opticle zoom
buy a 1 gig card for this has them for low as $49

Cool I need a camera

hey that’s a lot of pixels!

Woootastic, wight?

digital cameras get bigger and better too fast. pass for me

cool but once again too much for me

What is the quaility of Vivitar?

wow 8.1 but ill pass on a vivtar

8.1 megapixel Wow thats nice

Great camera, I believe it was on on October 6th and was well received.

Check out

good price but not for me. thanks!

First page. Yes



too rich for my blood night all

too many cameras already

nice…not bad…but is it thin enough for pockets at a club??

nope not worth the $$

sweet… too bad i’m poor