Vivitar 8.1MP Compact Digital Camera with 2.5-in. LCD


[imgleft][/imgleft] Vivitar 8.1MP Compact Digital Camera with 2.5-in. LCD - Thursday, October 06, 2005
Item qty: 400, Last Order: 9:09 AM CST, Wooter to blame: hullah
Order Pace: 1m 23.401s, Woot Wage: $13,112.91/hour.


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browns99df links to the Vivitar press release

masgaster has the lowdown on the cat on the LCD


If I can find the money, I think this may be the second woot on my ‘purchased’ list.

Either way, I <3 you woot. Consistantly great deals, unlike other, less quality sites (MB for one).

Edit: 8.1 mp, JESUS.

The cheapest I’ve seen anything above 6.1 is about $400. This is less than $300?

Good god.

Cheapest I could find there for 8.1mp is $699.

Good god.


WOOTAGRA ™!! - What some have to take to stay up until midnight. (Credit to shanhop)

Vivitar 8.1MP Compact Digital Camera with 2.5-in. LCD $299.99 + $5 shipping

WOW!! Best price on Froogle is $398!

Click the www button below for more great deals and coupon codes.


It’s another Popes hat launch! That means WOOT has SCORED another brand new U.S. RELEASE! GREAT JOB!

What a wonderful midweek woot! It’ wootsnesday - Props to Imiadup for that wootsnesday term - You go girl!™\

299.00 + 5.00 shipping! and you don’t even have to visit petey’s site to see the deal!

This is even better than yesterday’s sponser of a refurb cam.


And as always - avoid folks that say “More great deals” and have woot posts like mine, because they are just woot spammers saying nonsense, and fishing for cash!

PS, froogle has them for about 400 bucks - so jump on this deal!


This doesn’t look like too bad of a price.

Note: All I had to see was 8mp and $299.00, and I was like, “Yeah.”



no way you had time to see hte price before you posted that, man…just isn’t possible.

As far as the price goes, it’s definitely not shabby…but the statement you made is rarely risky to say around here…



hey for those who think its too expensive… get this one then :slight_smile:

Here’s a press release w/ specs


Boy that cat looks like he wants better woots! :’)


Errr… holy crap!

8.1MP?? That’s as good as the Canon Digital Rebel on sale at Staples!

Of course, I know this ain’t no Rebel, but still. Great price, and awesome Woot Launch!


29 min. it’s sold out.


nice one, sheesh… this one is tempting… probably a pretty darn nice camera.
but, since its a launch… no reviews. My last Vivicam was a piece of … well ya get the point, but as someone else pointed out. This is a Toshiba rebranded… maybe not so bad, Who knows???


neat cam, or so it would seem at first glance…


Same crap, different day. Can we get something besides coffee makers, speakers, and cameras? :confused:


This beast is made by Toshiba - had a Gateway branded 5MP verison of it - darned good camera.


thats a lot of pixels…too bad i dont have $300


What is up with that CAT!? He is like OMFG!!!11!!!111!!!11!!!1 I am on an 8.1 MP Camera!!!

Nice deal Woot, but I like my Minolta.

  • Kiteless


not bad for 8.1MP
but - i’ll pass - gnite all


Hey, make it a two-pack and I’ll take two!!

Not bad… Cheapest I found is $453.99!

Good luck wooting!


i REALLY don’t like vivitar products.
otherwise i’d be very interested.