Why no Paypal?


There have been several times when I have passed on purchasing an item (all over $100) because you don’t accept Paypal. Is there a reason for this?


I have the same opinion. Why no Pay Pal? I almost did not purchase from you because I trust going through Pal Pal. I will possibly NOT purchase again until you start using that as a payment option. Thank you.


I’m not sure what to tell you guys, but I have paypal as my preferred payment method on my woot account, and have for a long time. Has this maybe been removed for newer users?


or you get the paypal debit card and use it.


Something really bad happened once with PayPal and they removed it from being added as a payment option. Ive never seen what the really bad thing was and we likely never will.


The second you change to another payment method…pffft…paypal is gone. Never to come back.


Oh, so they prefer credit card payments then?


Credit card, or using an Amazon account and paying with Amazon. We’re an Amazon subsidiary and Uncle Jeff has a pretty solid payment system running over there.


Agree. Had to pass on a Microsoft Surface today because I only use PayPal on big purchases now.


I second the opinions, I only shop PayPal online. Woot, listen to your customers! I have used Woot in the past, but I can’t until PayPal comes back…


Sorry but PayPal won’t be coming back. They do have a debit card though, I believe.


Obviously, you have not been screwed by Paypal…many have. Good luck!


PayPal does have a debit card, but it doesn’t apply to PayPal Credit, which is how I purchase online. I’m sorry to say that I’m not likely to purchase from Woot again since they’ve decided to abandon reason and exclude one of the most popular money transfer systems in the world.