Woot Cellars Mixed (6)

Woot Cellars Mixed 6-Pack
Sold by: Meeker Vineyard
3 - 2012 Woot Cellars Pinkie Swear Rosé Wine, Sonoma County 750ml
3 - 2013 Woot Cellars Vinitwo del Finito Late Harvest Zinfandel, Alexander Valley 375ml

This is a nice offer from Meeker.
The Vinitwo, consumed without notes, I only remember was quite tasty, but could use some additional cellar time.

It’s been HOT, gotta grab me a Pinky from the cellar, assuming I can find one, and faux-rat tomorrow.

Better pricing here too compared to earlier offers.

Was Michigan an oversight? I know I bought Vinitwo the first time it was offered.

I’m sorry. Michigan is not on this list of valid states. I double checked our list, but it’s not there. Maybe you have friends in other states who would be willing to help you out?

Such a tiny list of valid states, and no sc on the list😢 sigh

No WI? Say it isn’t so! Too bad, I was looking forward to trying the Rosé, I bought the Late Harvest in the fall last year, it is excellent. Maybe another time then.

No shipping to CT makes me sad, especially since previous woot wines did ship here. :frowning:

I finished my last Pinky a while back… and just had an vitwo last night.

LOVE both of them!!! I am not supposed to be buying any"extras", I think this is a necessity! :slight_smile:

How’s the pinkie doing? I prefer to drink roses within two years of vintage when they are fresh, bright, and crisp. I recall the pinkie lacking acidity upon release so not sure it’s doing well but I may be off. Maybe we are paying $20 per vinito with a free pinkie per bottle? The vinito is worth the $20 BTW :+1:

When I purchased it last fall, it was $50 for 4 bottles of the Zinfandel. This seems like a great deal.

The Pinky Swear was just OK IMHO the last time I had it, but it’s been so damn hot lately that it may go down nicer this time around.

In for one just for the Vino de Finito, which is FANTASTIC. I always grab this when I can.

I liked the pinkie but trouble is there is so much good rose out there at this price point.

From the description:
“The nose is bright with cran-raspberry and ripe nectarines.”
I presume this is what happens to the nose after consuming too much of this wine or is it instantaneous? Mods, please clarify. Thanks.

Vinitwo was my first wine.woot purchase – and i had my first bottle last night. Awesome. I didn’t write down notes, unfortunately.

Mine as well!

Actually, the description refers to the writer’s impression of the aromas perceived from the wine after pouring some into a glass. I hope this helps.

Hey Woot,

How about a bourbon woot? I’m just tossing that out there. I prefer Pappy Van Winkle over wine. It’s okay to go ahead and Google that.


Drinks Too Much Bourbon

Agreed with others that this is a great deal, especially seeing a lower price than even the initial offer for the Vinitwo. We loaded up on that, though, the first time around and can’t justify more. But if you didn’t, this is a great chance!

It’s awfully kind of NC to stay off the list, keeping me happier for not having the money to buy right now.
Even if I really, really want some Zin…