Woot Cellars Monkey Second Prize - 4 Pack



Going to pass on this one.


In for 1. Don’t know anything about it, just want to try a woot cellars offering I previously missed.


Previous sale.
Winery website.
Review from hogfatt.


I got the Monkey’s second prize in an earlier woot. You need to aerate it (I just use a bar pour-spout) and let it breathe in a decanter. I have cellared the rest of my purchase and will try it again in a year.

Original sale blog post.


Woot Cellars Monkey Second Prize - 4 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Woot Cellars 2008 Monkey Second Prize, Sonoma County
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+1, Ditto. It’s a cooking wine for me.


I agree, for 10 bucks and some setting time it was nice, I’ll pass this time, still working on the five woots bought during the last woot off.


This is a relabelled Pedroncelli Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley Three Vineyards 2008. Too young for me, so cellar it for a year or five!

Aha, indeed, in the winemaker notes someone posted on CT, it says: “Winemaker’s Tasting Notes: Rich aromas of ripe raspberry and cherry highlight this fullflavored Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is highlighted by bright acidity, in just the right amount to showcase the fruit. Plum, toasted oak notes and warm clove spice combine to round out the flavors. Framed by firm tannins and a lasting finish, our Three Vineyards Cabernet is ready to enjoy upon release or cellar up to five more years.”


I bought half a case last time this came around. It’s now my favorite wine. I’m in for 3.


Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like monkey wine!




WOW there’s a wine woot!!!??


Oh, I know how this works… The Bottle of Cavedoni usually comes up around 4:00, right?


I think I got 4 bottles of this last time, but they’re all gone now. The wife and I thought they were great, probably why there’s no more left. From tasting notes of others it looks like we may have committed infanticide, but they seemed ready enough for us! In for two more…

[edit] Now I see it was actually 6 bottles last time… doesn’t change the fact that they’re all gone


I gotta hide my wallet for these woot offs. I am glad I slept through the Wellington offer. I keep telling myself no more wine, there’s no more room. I also need to save the money so I can buy a larger house and finally have a wine room for all this juice coming to me. However, my finger didn’t listen and I hit the big gold button. Maybe I should just leave the computer off for the next few days.


I just opened another bottle of this last night - it definitely needs to be decanted. Just aerating with the vinturi wasn’t enough, it needs time out of the bottle to open up. Once it does, though, it’s a good solid wine. I did not have any corking problems as others have mentioned.


Agreed, it needs some time.


I will preach to the choir by agreeing that this wine needs some decanting. The first time I tried it, I just opened it up in a decanter, forgot about it for about five hours, and it was delightful. The second time, I only had about 10 minutes of bottle-breathing before tasting it, and it was far far worse. It wasn’t bad by any means, but night and day from a five-hour decant. I have four left and am keeping them for a while, or giving them adequate time to open up if I have anymore soon. I still think it is a very good wine at this price.


I received a FedEx shipping notification on Dec 6th, but the status says “Shipment information sent to FedEx”, so it appears they are still awaiting shipment.

Woot Mods; any insight as to the delay?