Woot Name Pronunciation Key

How you pronounce your own name. How you pronounce other names is optional. There are no wrong answers unless you’re lying.

“no1” = “no one”

“Josephus” = “Joseph Us”

“daj” rhymes with “badge”

I like saying “woot” like “foot”. Not correct, but fun anyway. I always pronouce it “Joe-See-Fus” :slight_smile:

It’s pronounced with an ‘umpty’.

‘woot’ like ‘shoot’
‘Josephus’ like ‘Throatwobbler mangrove’
‘no1’ like ‘NUMBER ONE’, BABY
‘PemberDucky’ like ‘Pimburr Duckee UmptEE’

(I just learned the correct way to pronounce PemberDucky)


It’s not sheck…
It’s not speck…
It’s not even sleck…
Maybe a bit of smart aleck.

Ahh, ya doesn’t has to call me gwip. You can call me G, or you can call me GW, or you can call me GWP or you can call me Geedubbyah, or you can call me Dr. P… but ya doesn’t hafta call me gwip.


(Apologies to Ray J. Johnson)


This is a great thread because so frequently I hear all of you mispronouncing my name.

No one should apologize to Ray J…he should be apologizing to us!!!

I assumed G.W.P. were your initials, no?

edit: but I do pronounce daj as rhyming with “badge”, which I’m guessing are her initials too. Maybe it’s because it has a vowel in it.

Uh, JoeDeeDee is pronounced like it is spelled: Joe–Dee–Dee.

For Josephus, it never occurred to me to pronounce it in any way other than Joe-See-fus.

oh, and ‘kenney’ is probably pronounced ‘I wish I were Sting’

I wonder if I could call myself JoeCho?

Ms. Joedeedeeduh,

You don’t see the “Joseph” in the “Josephus”?

Mr. Seefus,

I imagined it to be pronounced with a more American accent… “I wish I were Stewart Copeland.”

well, but Josephus predates Joseph by , like, 1000 years.

It could even be Hozeyfus.

I just assumed that kenney is probably Cockney ( pronounced cock knee).

He wishes!

I’ll show YOU a cockney!

You can be called that once you win 10 consecutive derbies. Then storm off.

Dr. Seefus,

Reply #1: It’s what Ms. Duh sees first, not what’s historically first.

Reply #2: Really? I thought you were born Joseph, then added the “us” later.

Reply #3: Really? I thought you were born Joseph, and, judging by the concerts about which you reminisce, I would have thought they were contemporaneous.


D’oh. I hoped I had edited that in time…I knew no1 was going to use the “duh.”

I guess it’s because my first exposure to the name Josephus was the historian, and my professor in college pronounced it Joe-See-fus, so that’s how I thought of it when I saw it here.

I say it JOE-sah-fus. No long eeeeee in the middle.