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YETI Coolers (Your Choice)
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4.9 Stars on the Tundra 50 over at the Product Page And a Video!

I was thinking about the Yeti from the commercials (can’t post the image tonight).

Own several Yetis, Love the quality hate the price. Just picked up three RTIC coolers. Yeti clones for a fraction of price.
Check out the prices and comparisons

Apparently these have become popular targets for theft.

From the WSJ yesterday

Yeti Coolers Are Hot! No Really, People Are Stealing Them
The pricey ice chests win cult status among hunters and anglers—but also burglars

Indeed. If you buy the cooler, you’re already getting robbed.

Would these be large enough to hold a dismembered body?

Asking purely out of curiosity, of course.

The largest ones definitely are.

Errr… of course, by “definitely”, I mean, you know, probably… 'cause I read about it on the internet, or somewhere… I’m sorry, what was the question?

These are great coolers but so EXPENSIVE! I bought a K2 last year, my son won a Yeti this year and I got sucked into the hype and bought an RTIC this summer. Plus my oldest owned an Engel. Se we did a 4-cooler test.

The Engel was like $65 and the weakest of the 4. The Yeti was superior BUT only by a fraction. The RTIC is practically the same cooler at half the cost.

My favorite however is the K2 (nearly half the cost) because of the carry strap which gives you two hands to carry other stuff to the beach.

So to summarize, Yetis are great and this is a lower price than retail. But if you need to keep ice solid for 24 hours there are cheaper options.

You probably would want to spring for a Tundra 65. Those can hold a quartered deer

Keep in mind these are not meant to act as beer coolers at your bbq or beach trip. They’re mostly designed for hunt camps and long sea treks.
It’s why they’re all certified bear proof, because it’s required in lots of big game areas.

Which is not to say that they won’t work as a beer cooler, you just won’t see the ice performance that’s touted as a feature.

RTIC 65 is what I bought. Always $200 and fantastic quality. Love it. All of the RTIC line has been awesome top of the line. I own a couple things from them now.

@mysterytrout, by “test” do you mean you packed them with ice and measured how long it took to melt from all-ice to all-water in each? If so, do you have any numbers from the test? Like maybe the Engel was 20 hrs, the RTIC was 24 hrs, Yeti and K2 were 25 hrs, or something like that?

The Ozark Trail coolers at Wal-Mart are terrific and cheaper. The quality is just as good as Yeti. Out of stock online at the moment, but you could try to find them in your local stores.
Ozark Trail 26 quart - $96 Item Id: 49229405
Ozark Trail 52 quart - $147 Item Id: 49229404
Ozark Trail 73 quart - $194 Item Id: 49229408

Looks awesome and I wish I could get this, but I just don’t have the money. I know everybody says money can’t buy happiness…but it could buy me a boat, it could buy me a truck to pull it, it could buy me a Yeti 110 iced down with some silver bullets.

Anyway, my point is…I don’t really have a point.

A 12 pack cooler for a hunt camp?—what else can that small of a cooler be used for besides drinks?—and only $225??? Some people have more money than sense.

I can’t help but think several years from now people are going to look at their $60 cups and $400 coolers and wonder what the hell they were thinking when they bought said items.

I just don’t understand this trend.

I own about 10 coolers. None of them are a Yeti, Orca, K2, Rtic, or Engl. They all say “Igloo” or “Coleman” on the sides and they all keep ice, beer, food, fish, hearts, livers cold long enough for a day (or two) of beach, fishing, tailgating, etc.

Knowing several Yeti “dealers”, I can tell you they are selling a lifestyle, not a product. Every one of them agreed there’s no reason for an average person to NEED one of these coolers, because no one NEEDS to keep ice in an unopened cooler for that long. One rep told me it’s like buying a Rolex when all you need to know is the time.

That being said: have at it. I’ll keep my WootBucks for something else.