Derby #45 (Imaginational Symbols): Honorable Mentions




I’m just disappointed that Fantasma didn’t make it. Congratulations to the HM winners though! :slight_smile:


Wow . . . surprised there’s no love for mechaslavia here.


Grats to Edgar!!! My mom loved this shirt! And grats to most of the other nominees.


I love these HM’s and voted for the top 5. Congrats Edgar, Fable, Lucky, sokowa, Warholbot, and mojodan. Snoresylvania is so flipn’ cute…


I’m really disappointed to see the warholbot entry up for voting at threadless

isn’t that against the 60 day rule and the honorable mentions rule?

Congrats to the other HMs who followed the rules



Seriously guys, first unrejecting and now this? Do threadless guys not have to live by the same rules as wooters.

We deserve some explanations, and we deserve some fairness.


For a second it looked like Adder posted twice there. Yup, that’s a no-no Warholbot. I assume since he’s new, he didn’t know. He needs to get that pulled off Threadless ASAP.

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of other favorites I had that Woot overlooked: The Derby 45 Overlooked Awards.


Wouldn’t that be something you’d research BEFORE submitting? I did, and I’m a total amateur. I find it very difficult to believe someone who has submit at other contests didn’t think to check about how long their designs were held


Yeah, the way it reads in the comments on Threadless is that he knew before he subbed there. Very unprofessional.


I’m awed by the hypersense of entitlement shown here. “We deserve…”? Woot decides what people deserve. Would think you would have realized that by now.


As entrants to a contest, we deserve fair rules. That’s not entitlement. That is the way the world works. Not only that, I deserve the same treatment in the contest as anyone else. If Cho and I both submit monkeys, and woot says “no monkeys” and rejects me, cho should go too, and vice versa. If I get my entry rejected on false grounds, and don’t get reinstated even though woot issues me an apology, then no entry should get that treatment. And if I am expected to know how woot operates as regards its rules and regulations and how long my design is in their control, everyone is. This is twice that threadless designers have felt the rules don’t apply to them, and with people like you spouting nonsense like this, I don’t imagine why they wouldn’t try to get away with it.

I have said before, I’d LOVE to see more threadless work here, but NOT if they’re going to be lazy and submit stuff they already made, NOT if they’re going to get special treatment for the sake of being better designers, and NOT if they think they don’t have to abide by the same rules we do. Warhol does some great stuff. I defy him to do some great stuff that wasn’t already submit at another site next week. There is no excuse for a “pro” to not know the rules they’re submitting under (just like there’s no excuse for a contest to be so inconsistent with their rules).

ETA: didn’t you “leave woot forever” when your entry was (correctly) rejected? Hypersensitive entitlement indeed.


Why blame Woot for this example? They know now but I don’t think they check Threadless every minute.


woot set a precedent by unrejecting a fogged entry by threadless folk. To me, this is reason enough to believe woot is turning a blind eye to it just for the sake of trying to garner more respectable work. Woot may not know this entry is at threadless now for voting, but I doubt they don’t know that the artist has resubbed a number of old threadless work (which is a shame, as I voted for them not being familiar). To me, their attitude in general is what made the artist feel that he could just do whatever he liked with the entry. Though I imagine we won’t see it in the do-over now that they know.

All I’m asking is that woot be more vigilant. There are only a few of us here who care about what happens elsewhere… the rest all want their crappy already done shirts no matter why they shouldn’t be printed.


I see your point Adder. I just think it’s the artist’s responsibility, and if not for mia3mom, I’m not sure they would have known at all. But, I do see your point.
As for the re-submits, sorry, I didn’t know about those.


That’s also the way I see it. Woot pretty much relies on vigilant people like mia3mom and Adder to point this stuff out to them. What remains to be seen is if WarholBot will comply and pull the design or if woot will break out the legal team.

From the comments on the Threadless page though, it sounds like Warhol misunderstood Woot’s submission terms. Still doesn’t speak well of him to not have read the rules clearly, but it isn’t as bad as knowing exactly what he was doing as he violated the 60-day hold.

As for the other points that Adder brought up (which he posted as I was typing the above)… yeah. I don’t know then.


All his entries this week are Threadless resubs also.


Stating what you deserve in a situation you have no control over in the absence of a stated/well-understood contract or agreement between parties is pretty much proving his point.

While that is the way the world works sometimes, it certainly isn’t the way it is all the time and it is definitely not that way on Woot (though I too would expect them to rectify this situation). I use to drive the carpool to school back in college. I was providing a service to people who lived near me. They paid for that service and reimbursed me for gas, time, etc. But guess what? Depending on my mood, weather conditions, who sat shotgun, etc., some days I would be cool/flexible with what we listened to on the radio. Other days, I would slap the hand of the person reachign for the dial. There were days I was downright rude to the other passengers. And was it ‘fair’ to them? No. Did I care? No. They could choose to ride the bus if they didn’t like it.


i sent an email to pull it. sorry. it wont happen again


also there is nothing saying I cant submit old designs. they just cant currently be up for voting. which they are not and are long expired for consideration of printing.