February 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!! 💩



Well, folks my Apptastic bag o Crappery arrived last week. Sorry for the delay in posting it! Btw, can I say, underwhelmed? But, as always, what a blessing to be one of the few chosen to get crap from Woot.

Green crap bag
Set of 8 wedding cake paper plates
Door stopper
Woot pen
4# test fishing line
Tuna lure (so random!)
Pair of kitten socks in a box
Fold up brush/mirror combo
Skyrim iron on decal - for white shirt only!
Cleveland Browns LADIES baseball cap - pretty small; I guess LADIES are all supposed to have petite heads?
Woot “sports team” shirt
“Thank You Coach” mug
Blue warehouse used shelf bin - did someone mess up and include this?

What an array of… goodness? Thank you, Woot!



Heh… I have a coworker named Teresa. Though that pen looks heavy enough to be considered a weapon in her hands. Watch how fast meetings can end!


Add a stick and you’re set for an afternoon of some fishing. I think. I don’t know anything about fishing.


My first BOC! A bunch of stuff, a women’s Minnesota Vikings jersey, a Washington football team magnet, a Chicago white Sox key chain, a Texas stadium snow globe, a woot pen and bag, a unicorn pop socket, a emperor pickletine book, a nerf football, a dog costume, a woot shirt, some hex keys, some grilling forks, a ceramic cup, and some heated insoles. Totally sweet box, the costume won’t fit my big yellow dog, but it should fit his cousdog (dogsin?) Either way, everything should get used even the sports wear from 4 different areas, and I’m completely happy with it! And for some reason my picture isn’t attaching. If I can figure that out, I’ll put it on later.


I feel ya there…after 10+ years won my first B.O.C. 3 weeks ago! The anticipation…ohhhhh myyyy!


I am informed that this was the best Bag o’ Crap ever, and all I had to do was properly tap 120+ animals and fork over about $10. So here we go, QTY 1 of everything:

“Bag of Crap” tote bag
Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Outfit - Size Small - Found a home for it and am told pictures will be provided)
Replacement paint pads for a corner or flat paint brush handle mount.
Tampa Bay Rays earrings
University of Pittsburgh bean bag (we’re calling it The Golden Pitt and it will be worth extra points in summer games of bean bag toss, which I refuse to call cornhole)
Woot! Pen with fun pull-out message flag
Discovery adjustable leg bug vibrating motor thing
Size 2X tank top (that’s probably even smaller than the Woot 2X slim fit shirt)
Two-sided Foot Smoother with, ah, collection tray built in
A detachable shower head with hose(!)
Book - Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus (A Wimpy Kid-style Star Wars book starring “Origami Yoda”)
Note cards with ring
Pack of gift tags
Distressed Marker two-sided marker - Tattered Rose color
Spiral-bound college rule paper
Size Large Totes McGoats zip-up hoodie (which is great for my son as he should be able to wear this light and comfy thing for several years yet)

Thanks for the (lack of) disappointment, Woot!


My wife won a BOC her first time even trying. One of her items was a Redskins hoodie (she’s native), perfectly legitimizing that it is in fact crap that you receive.


That is cruel disappointment for sure! :roll_eyes:

Hope there was something in there she wanted!




Chicken…Cow…Pig Crap Arrived today!

  • Green Woot Bag
  • Large Navy Sweatshirt
  • Large Long Sleeved St. Croix Shirt
  • Emojii Pop Socket
  • Superman Rubber Duck
  • Generic White Sunglasses
  • Woot Pen “Made your look” “Who’s Pen is this?”
  • Screaming Monkey with Bacon & Egg Cape
  • 1 “Pitt” Corn Hole bean bag
  • Index Card Note book
  • Aquarium fake grass (behind the duck)

Not Pictured

  • How to catch and elf christmas book
  • Fantastical Beasts movie book
  • about 8 billion 11x14 plastic shipping bags (S.O. Says I can use it to ship all the crap out of here)

If anyone is looking to collect the Pitt bean bags its up for grabs. I’m a Cuse guy.


Got my BOC!
Screaming monkey toy, soft multicolored blanket, pack of 50 green happy birthday balloons, duck t-shirt, green woot bag, pop socket, robot bug construction kit, knife holder, 2 packages of fishing lures, football bracelet, NFL Christmas ornament, light switch, blue tape, Halloween stickers, expandable duster, some metal thing and a squishy poop emoji


And a book - “Emperor Pickletime Rides The Bus”


Got my BOC but because my son is the one that technically won the game that won the BOC, I have to wait to open it till he comes home Sunday… disappointment before being disappointed.


HOLY HAUL! This is the best BOC I have ever received. (Obtained via animal game 2/2/19)

From worst to best:
Large fish hook/lure – Immediately went into the trash due to being a hazard in our house

Sports Items (being donated – we are in Massachusetts and have to represent properly):
Kansas City Chief’s snowman ornament
University of Miami baseball ID holder
Carolina Hurricanes beanbag

Giving to appropriate people at work:
Penguin Socks – Ladies Medium
Fortnite popsocket
How to Catch an Elf book

Giving to my mother in law:
3 solar powered light up rocks (unconfirmed if they work)
Maltese dog decorative flag
Porcelain tea pot night light painted with a Yule/Christmas/InsertWinterHoliday tree

Keeping for us:
3 kids hangers
Knife protector – fits perfectly on my 5” santoku
Woot! Poop stress ball
Superman rubber duck
Woot! Bag O’ Crap tote bag
Jabra OTE23 bluetooth headphones

And the BEST:
Dr Who Hoodie. This arrived at a home of two Whovians. It is labeled a size large, but that isn’t quite accurate. He is a medium and I am a small - I won the fit contest and was able to snag it!

Also pictured:
Lilly – who just celebrated her 9th birthday, who saw a camera and sat very pretty for a picture.


Yay scored my first App Crap today. Looking forward to being digitally disapointed in a analog kinda way!


Digital Crap arrived 2/7/19. Here are the contents of my lovely bag of disappointment:

  • Woot bag, green
  • Woot squishy crap (my 2-year-old yelled, “BROWN POO POO!?!?” when we opened this)
  • Woot flying Mortimer monkey (the 2-year-old loves this)
  • Extendable dusting wand (for some reason, the 2-year-old also loves this, so I was happy to let him dust the house today)
  • Staples (for a staple gun)
  • Copper Moscow Mule mug
  • Left-handed pens (the wife and I are left-handed, so this is a rare lefty win)
  • Rose pop socket
  • Pistol-style grease gun
  • Houston Texans Samsung Galaxy S6 case
  • Mini manicure kit
  • Pack of 6 fish hooks
  • Size XS women’s Chicago Bears shirt (pregnant wife was not amused when I asked if XS would fit her)
  • Size L men’s Starry Night Groot hoodie
  • Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus book
  • (not pictured) Size S Princess Leia costume for dogs (taken by my sister for her miniature labradoodle)


That’s one proud doggo there. :heart:



Aww, Lilly. That name always tugs at my heart strings.

Same name as the bear that first won my heart. Lily the Black Bear. :heart:


Charlie’s frozen February BOC


Oh, do I remember doing that when we lived in Washington state. It was frozen part of the year and moldy the rest. Blech.