February 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!! 💩



If only you had an iPhone…


I managed to score a bag of crap from the digital game last Saturday. Easiest bag of crap I’ve ever managed to get, no f5 required.
I’m hoping for a letter, an Anki Cozmo, or a flying screaming monkey (in that order).
I expect to be completely disappointed with a bag of completely useless crap that’s so worthless that I can’t even donate it to a thrift store. I’ll try, but they won’t accept it.
If they do, they won’t give me a donation receipt with a value high enough to bother claiming.
…and that’s a shame because I owe taxes for the first time this year and I’m sure I will again next year.


I moved my significant other and I and our 10 rescue cats from CA to WA 3 years ago.
It’s a wet, miserable, moldy hell.
I never thought I could get sick of trees, but at this point I’m pretty sure I’d kill for some concrete, asphalt, and tall buildings.
I’d certainly kill for some good food. Except not an animal.
Humans. I’d kill humans for some good food.
No. I’m not a murderer. Although, this state does have an exceptionally high number of serial killers…:…


I live in Oregon where we have a lot of trees, too, along with the rain. I love this stuff, personally, and can’t imagine living somewhere else. But I can see how, if you aren’t raised around it, it might be too much of a change. I’ve been to California and it isn’t my cup of tea, so it’s reasonable to expect the reverse to be true, too.


Yes. Significant shifts from your “normal” are… yes.


Won the animal digital app crap game.

Notilus handheld showerhead - $55 on amazon!
tooth brush holder - with suction cups to attach to mirror
knife sharpener
thank you cards
ceramic cup
dog hoodie - to small for ours, sending to mom
crap bag
Emperor Pickletine book - kids not interested
auntie shark shirt - is she even in the song?
underarmor womens cargo pants - really nice, but too big. almost fit the husband. almost.
seattle shirt
silly putty
fishing lure
junkshook popsocket - kpop reference?
lightning cable - you can never have too many…
micro usb cable - you can never have too… no wait, we have too many.
woot pen
incontinence earings - there’s a little “P” on them
rc car parts
picnic blanket fastener pegs - probably useful to someone

Loads of value, some fun, some useful, disappointment - not so much.

dog in hoodie picture forthcoming…




Yes she is! She is impossibly cute, and she uses it to her advantage quite often. Especially to get hugs, treats, and picked up to give kisses.


Recieved my randomly selected BOC from the digital app game today!
(The Monkey jumping one)
What a strange assortment of things there was! A few got lost in the shuffle to the table and didn’t make it in the picture. In no particular order it contains:
A green Woot bag
Flying Woot Monkey with red woot cape
SF Giants reading glasses (timely, my eyes aren’t what they used to be)
A pocket portfolio with prongs
How to catch an Elf book (daughter loves that series!)
A 49ers Iphone 6 case ( I have android, will try to find a new home)
Womens Kentucky Wildcats lanyard
letter G plaid monogram for luggage identification (no G in my name but will use it anyway :yum:)
The U id holder
Weird brown cup/bottle holders that you put around your neck
Missouri shirt L
SAE hex key set on a keychain, useful!
BP1 Bipod equipment mount, maybe it’s a sign to get a bipod?
3 sparkly dinosaur Christmas tree ornaments
a New Orleans Saints gingerbread house ornament
A super cool woot pen with a retractable message from the monkeys
A safety cover for kitchen knives
A mold for making chocolate trick or treat pumpkins
Silly putty the original stuff in the egg, my daughter claimed it immediately and could barely wait until I got a picture of everything.

I’m happily disappointed in my random bag of carrots !
It’s been quite awhile since I’ve scored one and it was worth the wait to see so much weirdness in one box!


whoops,forgot the garlic salt in a grinder.
sooo much stuff !


Well I just won a chance at a boc just now so ordered it as my life can’t have enough disappointment. Did the jumping monkey one too so either its easier to win or I did better than I thought with my Tablet. Will update with the disappointment level when it gets here.


I did terrible at the game ! Score definitely not a factor in winning a BOC on that game for sure lol


Here’s my crap from the BOC Giveaway last week:

West Virginia stocking
Ice/snow scraper (what’s snow, I live in California…)
Panthers ball cap
1/4 ream of Autumn Foliage paper
1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that the family is working on as I type
glass jug with frosted “I” on it missing the wine, beer, or whatever liquor was in it. I hope the warehouse workers enjoyed it!
Excellerator jump rope (yes, I know I need to work out)
Withings body + scale (ok already, I KNOW I need to start working out more, sheez)
stress poo that is going to work with me
red caped monkey (woohoo!)
some sort of gray bag for carrying disappointment around
gray Jets small sweater (I don’t know any Jets fans)
small Princess Leia outfit for a dog…my dog is almost 100 lbs, you do the math

and the pièce de résistance…

a Transparent Roswell Alien with “Soft Internal organs”. Are there any other kind of internal organs? Can’t wait to put this together and scare the crap out of someone, which will probably be myself one night.

The dog and cats couldn’t agree about getting together for a picture, so here’s monkey hanging out with the rest of his troop:

Thanks to the Woot team for putting this boc together, I would like to say I was disappointed, but I can’t!


First Time BOC–Just in time for my birthday.

Green Woot Bag O’Crap
Sakura Samurai Shirt Woot Zip Hoodie
Wine Glass Carriers
Two Photoelectric Nightlights
Glittery Squid Fishing Lure
200 Glue Dots
Collapsible Duffel Bag
Lightning Cable Three-Pack
Minion Sippy Cup
Angry Birds Electric Toothbrush
Officially Licensed TCU Sea Salt Grinder
24-Piece Plastic Cutlery
Metallic Fringe Valentine’s Day Banner
New England Patriots Can & Bottle Cooler Mug
Pink Crystal Vase Filler
Woot Screaming Monkey
Washington Redskins Hairy Hat
Picnic Blanket Fastener Pegs
“How to Catch and Elf” Book
Woot Banner Pen
NW Pitney Ink Beach Grass Book Gift Greeting Card
ViewMaster Into the Labyrinth VR Puzzle Game

All and all, not a bad BOC.


1st time crap winner yesterday on the monkey jump game. My cat is so disappointed.


Congratulations and condolences!


Those are awesome! They will be the highlight of your Christmas tree!!!

Ooooooh, post when you’re done? None from the giveaway have finished and/or posted yet! I want to see it!

Seems appropriate.


What? No. No. Noooooooooooooo. We need some alien goodness up in here.


I haven’t posted any aliens but that’s because I’m not able to post pictures from the app… hopefully it will be fixed soon


Unfortunately, it’s scheduled for Q3. Are you able to email the pic to yourself at a computer?