Post Mongering 10/27/22 (Part 3)

@Wooter772326458 is now alone in first place!!! Congrats!

Winners Streak Active?
Wooter772326458 7 Y
PadawanWooter 6
GlassCrawford 5 Y
renatuslives 5
Se7enty9 5
cartr1 4 Y
TheSquishyShelli 4 Y
HelloYellow 4
Wooter532777382 4
Wooter547844675 4
wootevil 4

The collage is a collection of some of the Supernatural items I’ve collected or created when the 15th season concluded. Top L: Screen-grab from 15th Season. Top R: ScoobyNatural T-shirt One of my favs
Bottom L: Funko Adorbz Trio Sam, Castiel & Dean. Bottom R: Castiel costume/cosplay I created on my mini mannequin. Been known to cosplay as many fictional, fantasy, comic etc things.

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Thank you @FrostByte !
Awesome Rock And Roll GIF


More of a challenge…
Challenge Test Me GIF by Big Brother


I have to increase the cut and paste each time, or it is a duplicate and wont go through. But I will try to change up the variation more often, because you asked nicely (unlike others).


I must have this, does it come in sage green?


I think that means it’s tims to change the wooterxxxxxx screen name!

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Thank you @davejlives!
Congratulations to all the *winners*:partying_face:.
It was quite a turn out!!!


Needs more Woot stickers.


Agreed! Boot the avatar thieves, they are clearly mocking @davejlives ! We will totally take their stuff to teach them a lesson about stealing!


Just wait til I do a burn out in it.

oh wait

that could be gross.



thank you Dave & the luck of the draw!

Expand this section to see winners from each mongering.
Winners Count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
021 1 x
AHudgens 1 x
arstgui 1 x
ashleyheart 4 x x x x
ayane605 1 x
b00kemdan0 1 x
badramen 2 x x
bankernosaj 1 x
bchlor4evr 7 x x x x x x x
benjaminleebates 2 x x
Bethanos 1 x
BlackRose13 1 x
blinkguitar2 1 x
Brove2016 3 x x x
burdama 1 x
buy4me 1 x
CalTiki 1 x
CalypsoBane 5 x x x x x
caramelarrow 3 x x x
cartr1 6 x x x x x x
cassandraw3 2 x x
ChickenNuggets 3 x x x
ChrisPUT 1 x
chrisykincaid 1 x
cjclaussen 2 x x
CloverPine5469 1 x
coderunner02 4 x x x x
cookd96 1 x
Cpaul085 2 x x
dafrogman 7 x x x x x x x
DarnWootin 1 x
daveinwarshington 7 x x x x x x x
DealSeekerDude 1 x
derekyates 1 x
Diana37 4 x x x x
digitaljanitor 2 x x
DJDoc122 1 x
dlvery 1 x
duckyducky 1 x
Ed3rd 1 x
eidsoncr 1 x
evemarvelous 1 x
fimbrethil 4 x x x x
fishingPA 2 x x
Flourlover 2 x x
Froodyfrog 2 x x
FrostByte 5 x x x x x
gabizago 1 x
gemi27ss 3 x x x
geminiree27 4 x x x x
georoxstar 3 x x x
gingirlj 4 x x x x
Ginnyill 5 x x x x x
GlassCrawford 7 x x x x x x x
Goldielucks 3 x x x
HelloYellow 5 x x x x x
HMCStarkRAVIN6MAD66 2 x x
HmmmUsername 4 x x x x
hoffmanbike 3 x x x x
hot72chev 1 x
Jasila 2 x x
jcollom 2 x x
jdr1 3 x x x
JGuy135 1 x
JGW27 1 x
jksquared 4 x x x x
jniemeier 3 x x x
jplusy 1 x
katiedidwhat 1 x
kinglowrider 4 x x x x
Kobayashi041097 2 x x
krazylegskym 1 x
loriwv 1 x
mareli83 3 x x x
mbersiam 1 x
mbspell 3 x x x
melmelxd 3 x x x
Monkeybutt8 1 x
Mopsbauer 1 x
Mster111 2 x x
MuchToMyChagrin 3 x x x
mullog5 4 x x x x
nathanwhat 1 x
netMASA 1 x
nicealves 1 x
NoelandAli 2 x x
nspede 5 x x x x x
offmycloud18 5 x x x x x
oheck 4 x x x x
PadawanWooter 7 x x x x x x x
PantherRose 1 x
peaceetc 4 x x x x
pepper114 2 x x
perfectcosima 1 x
PHISHY1980 1 x
pricklycat 2 x x
privateerx1 5 x x x x x
PrydeWater 6 x x x x x x
Queen89 5 x x x x x
raviduggasani 3 x x x
rburkhead 1 x
RebelTaz 6 x x x x x x
renatuslives 7 x x x x x x x
robertscheffler 2 x x
ryecowbee 3 x x x
sammydog01 1 x
sarahcaroline87 3 x x x
SassyBeard 1 x
SayFuzzyPickles 2 x x
ScottandJennifer 1 x
Se7enty9 6 x x x x x x
Shifflme 1 x
shwaggyd 3 x x x
slinkydogg 1 x
sloride 1 x
SnappyShopper 3 x x x
southportmommy 1 x
srcole1 2 x x
StefanMakaSL1MSTEF 1 x
Sweetdeals2me 2 x x
SylvreKat 3 x x x
terjaq 1 x
thecrazyman 1 x
TheSquishyShelli 4 x x x x
Tinkerbellrules 1 x
tnet490 1 x
wcody 2 x x
Williamdavi 4 x x x x
wootdamn 2 x x
Wooter130090843 1 x
Wooter16668021 1 x
Wooter167677922 1 x
Wooter365632063 1 x
Wooter373386032 1 x
Wooter418948083 1 x
Wooter521027060 1 x
Wooter532777382 4 x x x x
Wooter547844675 4 x x x x
Wooter60072541 1 x
Wooter609214317 6 x x x x x x
Wooter701771837 1 x
Wooter704821585 1 x
Wooter761904980 1 x
Wooter772326458 10 x x x x x x x x x x
Wooter806370485 1 x
Wooter985401268 1 x
WooterWootsWendy 4 x x x x
wootevil 6 x x x x x x
woothootin 2 x x
wootsupjeffy 1 x
Woottoot87 2 x x
Wyatt8 1 x
yosefa 6 x x x x x x

If it makes you feel better, I’m sending 19 pounds of junk to a Wooter on Monday.

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Yeah I don’t think that’s going to fit in the car wash and it doesn’t look like the windows roll down.


Oh, is that why? I was wondering what was going on there!

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Find a lower bridge.

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