The Ultimate Tea Experience



now, woot! is selling “tea parties”

had this tea from a previous woot. it’s not bad, not mind-blowing either. certainly wouldn’t get it just for the tea.

i think we may have seen this teapot/canister combo before.

no word on whether its kosher. Primula’s FAQ doesn’t say. I e-mailed them during a pvs woot and never got an answer.

I’m bringing this to the Colbert rally.

wow, way to go off the freakin’ rails with this one woot.

Tea… meh.

Stovetop safe? That’s extremely rare - you mean I can boil the water IN this teapot?

Damn!!! I’ve always wanted one of these systems, but right now I’m low on cash. le sigh

++ on the post lol

Teabag anyone?

Is that shrooms?

will THIS fir in my gaming backpack so i can have tea with my friends?


Anybody try any of these as iced teas?

No. They’d be sold out faster than the BOC if they were.

Product Website

Previous woot!
(Sellout.woot, May 6th.)

Worth it just for the teapot and glasses, but I already own.

The teapot looks cool and all, but no way I’m buying it with all that crap gimmicky tea that comes with it.

Real jasmine tea doesn’t actually have any jasmine flowers in it - they’re supposed to be spent in production, not make to the end product.