January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Finally got around to posting. This is something like bag 21 for me. This was the worst one in awhile. Thanks! (for nothing, much). So…

1 Green Woot! bag
1 “How to Catch an Elf” childrens book
1 Squishy Poo
1 kids size 10 pink Woot! shirt
1 standard Hex keys set
1 Winchester Horse and Rider Tumbler
1 monogrammed pet feeding mat (I’ll have to rename one of my cats “Adolph”)
1 Seahawks football sticker wallet to put on smartphone
1 sportball “N” dreamcatcher earrings (wtf?)
1 Hollywood Clap Board
1 bolt hole tap, size 12/24
2 Motorola VGA travel adapters that Woot! was clearing out back in 2013.

And the pièce de ré·sis·tance:

1 “Purple Queen Poop” emoji pillow that can also be converted to a tablet holder, backpack, and travel pillow.

Also, a box that belongs to Leonardo Da Kitty at this point.


Slow Jo here.

Got more crap and it was fun crap at that!

Woot bag
Woot poo poo
Bad Ass mug (Love this!)
Broncos necklace (My sister loves this!)
Sharpie pens
Detroit Pistons decal
Mo’ Glo Baby Shad Fishing baits
UMass Dog shirt
Coraxis & Co game
Neon Pink DIY sign (granddaughter snatched this up)
and Queen sheets! (we have a queen bed in the house! )

I would say this was less than disappointing like everyone says it should be. Thanks for trying though!


I received my B.O.C. on Thursday evening and have finally recovered from my elated disappointment enough to share my crap…

:jeans: Blue Air Force Sweats Sz Small
:volleyball: Flat Kids Ball
:spoon: Ceramic Gravy Ladle
:bell: Baby Bell Toy
:pen: Woot Pen
:woman_singer: USB Stage/Disco Light
:frog: Ceramic Frog Nite Light
:woman_shrugging: Some heavy metal thing for a rifle (up 4 grabs)
:woman_shrugging: Another not heavy metal thing for a rifle (ditto)
:haircut_woman: Team Hair Twist
:prayer_beads: Red Socks Necklace
:dark_sunglasses: SF Giants Sunglasses Leash
:phone: A Voice Grade Snap in Jack (up 4 grabs)
:shopping: Green B.O.C. Bag
:tshirt: Kids Woot T-Shirt
:dog2: Dog Superman Outfit XL (this too!)
:monkey: Woot Screaming Monkey
:sandwich: Mini Sandwich Style Chalk Board

Totally disappointed! (And a little tickled-pink…I won’t tell if you won’t)
Thanks so much Woot!!!


Is there a February BOC thread somewhere?


There will be soon, I’m sure. @ThunderThighs is pretty good about it. Weekend App Game Crap throws off timing.


First Bag of Crap ever!

Here is what came inside…

  • Woot bag
  • Woot pen - funny!
  • Marines t-shirt (awesome! my son is an ex Marine, love this)
  • Hammer head jigs
  • Electrical cord plug
  • PopSockets phone grip
  • Owl I-pad Mini 3 case
  • Power Puff girls flip kitchen with 2 figures which my granddaughter snatched up
  • Bouncing clay and she snatched this up too
  • I heart Irish Terriers coasters
  • Star Wars Luke kids costume
  • Ohio State car plate
  • Sticker banner - grandkid again, she made out!
  • 100 poly mailers 12x15.5 … hmmm, thinking this might go to the school. Teachers could use these.

Disappointment? I don’t know…but I can’t wait to get another!

Thank you for this!


HAHA! Love it!

Eh, I miss jokes fairly often. I’m used to answering questions on people not getting their crap. I suck.

That’s a winner right there!

Looks like only one was crying. We’ll try harder next time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Impressive use of emojis.

Oh yeah, I guess I need to start one. Back in a bit.

Yeah, that.


I could just copy and paste the January one into a new topic and change the date but I figure these should come from an official Staff or Moderator.


One was crying, one looked like they were thinking “what the heck is this?” and the other looks happy. Looks about perfect to me.


February thread is up and ready for disappointment posting.


I might be able to make use of this. I’m making a Krypto the Superdog costume, and maybe I can just use the cape from this instead of trying to make one.

Still waiting for the video. I’ve got my popcorn lined up ready to go and everything.

Also still waiting for anyone to get the second panel of this. Although I’m trying to decide which room gets it. I should put it in the guest room except those curtains aren’t so bad. Hm, but then I could put those curtains for the door…wait, do curtains come in different widths, or are they interchangeable?



… yes! (and, yes)


A bit late, but here’s my crappy crap.
Mini markers
Kids woot shirt
A couple cases for a phone I don’t own
Power tool battery pack
Enough chair pads to start a restaurant
Toddler shirt (perfect for my girl)
Motorola travel adapter (???)
Woot bag and poop squishie
Not pictured: hand warmers I threw at my brother who was visiting from Michigan
A bunch of plastic or acrylic cups that will be perfect to use in our pool this summer!

Thanks woot! It’s a really nice mix of useful and wtf lol


My latest dump!
1 car seat cover for a baby I don’t have.
1 pest repeller. Will let my daughter try this on the squirrels.
1 NAKED FACE make up remover. If my face is naked not sure why I would need.
1 Sailor looking cap. I’m the captain of my ship.
1 napkin holder.
1 portable air purifier. When the crap hits the fan, I may need this.
1 over the door hook but now my door won’t close.
1 dented spray bottle that did not work until waa laa! I turned it to open.
1 cute wall clock with bent hands but I think I got er ticken now.
1 adaptor for something??
1 Amazon t shirt.
1 WOOT bag
1 WOOT pen. I don’t work so have no one to use it on.
Thanks WOOT for the disappointment. You see what Mr Tinman thinks of it.


dija, they’re not interchangeable if they’re not the same width. Well, ok, I suppose technically they’d be, but practically they’d not be.

Well, bugger. I guess if someone does end up with the matching curtain to mine, then I’ll have to measure curtains to see which window the new ones will fit. As opposed to replacing the sun-torn ones with the bedroom’s with the new ones.

Sigh. And here I thought I had the whole thing all figured out.

Still, I’m game to flummox through it all. Pweez cans I has anudder?



Kat, your question(s) made no mention of practicality, or hanging method, so a technical answer seemed the safest route :slight_smile:


Point given, dija.

Besides that it looks like it’s gonna be moot anyways. Seems nobody got another one. Great sighness. I must needs suffer with the sun-shredded curtains for now…:crying_cat_face:



Kat, you may want to google that UPC code. Something may come up.


Phew, it took a while to get it here, but better late than never…

As usual, it’s a mixed bag… er, box

  • The A Plate DVD
  • Errol Flynn 5-movie set (Sadly, no Robin Hood)
  • Salt and pepper shaker set
  • Funky Ikea light set
  • A squishy poop stress pile (?)
  • Wool fingerless gloves
  • Apron
  • LED tea lights (saving these for Halloween)
  • 1x hand warmer
  • Reusable BOC bag
  • 400 zip ties… uh?
  • Motorola VGA adapter
  • Yellow woot! shirt (daughter-sized!)
  • Mini sharpie set
  • Zmax phone case
  • LED headlight pair
  • 2x wig caps (also saving these for Halloween)

Cataloging all this crap, I got more sets of things. Maybe that was the theme this time around. Until next time, please woot responsibly!


Birthday is Saturday, I’ll see if I can get the video up fairly quickly.