Hello Wooters!

Welcome to the new forums and to the spiffy thread for posting your BOC should you be so unlucky as to get one today during the woot-off.

I don’t have a copy of the recent threads for BOCs so it looks like I’m starting from scratch.

Picture the Disappointment Gif here that I don’t have at the moment

Remember that you’re promised these things from your BOC:

  • 3 items
  • A bag if we remember to put it in
  • Abject disappointment

If you get more than that, count your blessings or talk to someone about the disappointment that has swallowed up your life.

You may find that your order got denied or canceled. While this seems totally unfair and you’ll be tempted to complain to anyone that will listen, here’s a few things for your consideration:

  • We will never have enough craps for those wishing to purchase craps.
  • At best, the ratio of people attempting to available craps are 3:1… if you’re lucky. Usually it’s more like 25:1 or more.
  • So many people try that it pushes our servers to the point of wanting to throw in the towel and just crash
  • The servers have been known to crash.

To keep the servers from crashing, we have an order queue. You’ll enter the “Vestibule of Patience” while you wait for your order to be accepted, denied, or canceled.

  • If your order is accepted, then you can brag about your impending disappointment in this here thread and on your social media outlets of choice. :smiley:
  • If your order is denied, it’s nothing personal. It just means that we ran out before your order was processes. It’s our rude way of saying “Sorry!” :cry:
  • If your order was cancelled, you were so, so, so close. So close that your payment went through but gosh darn it, we ran out of BOCs before we assigned one to you. We have to return all that work to refund your hard earned money. :angry:

Now one of the things that makes the Bag of Crap so much darn fun is to see what everyone got. The only way to see what everyone got is if everyone comes back to post what you got. See the trend here?

Taking your crap and running off with just steals the fun from everyone, especially me. So please post what you get.


Since we don’t have quality posts, I promise to like every post sharing a bag of crap. Likes earn you cred points on this new forum. Like are good. I will give likes. :heart:

Cat_BOC%20Gif < Bad!!

So there you have it.

  • Prepare for disappointment
  • Post what you get
  • Earn :heart:

And let the waiting begin



Tell me what you thought of your Bag o’ Crap!
**0 (didn’t get one to) to 5 (loved it!) **

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Hey should the wootball craps be posted here too?


Sure, why not!

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Is the new forum ready for a Happy Hour this afternoon?

Do you buy back used BOC?

…asking for a friend :smiley:


Nope. All sales are final.

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Even if the box “looks like” it is was “never” opened?

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Waiting to make sure the woot-off starts ok. Right now, we have no threads for the woot-off items. :frowning:

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Uhm… that don’t look right.



Maybe look on Facebook? Lottsa Woot pictures on the page.

It’ll show up when the threads show up. Might as well have a refresh. :stuck_out_tongue:

That one is good!


any wootbot special letters? or are letters now a thing off the past?

No letters.
They’re not gone forever but will be reserved for more special occasions.

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It’s a sign – woot-off on my Birthday!!!

Birthday o CraP!!


Is this where we post October App Crap?

Sure thing. We’re kinda mixed up right now since the old forum posts are waiting to be moved over.